New Berean Baptist Church

Life Is Going To Life

In my personal experience in this life, I’ve found that here are so many things I have no control over. I can and hope to influence others as I have been influenced by the knowledge of God, his grace and mercy. But living this life, I am limited and restricted by my humanity. We said all this to say that more than anything else, we can find comfort and hope in knowing that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above anything I can think or ask (Eph. 3:20).

When I say “life is going to do life”, we want you know, we can surround ourselves with all the safeguards, firewalls and protection features as did Job (Job 1) but yet he was still not exempted by life and all it’s experience. But more than the things He experienced, he was convinced God was worthy and able to be trusted and he was going to trust him even if it meant doing so in death.

Life is going to do life, but I am going to trust in the Lord, my God.