New Berean Baptist Church

Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month


Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month is a opportunity where we can dedicate a moment to honoring and demonstrating our our appreciation to the Lord for his gift to us in the church of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4). In a way to support and appreciate your Pastor and Clergy, the ones whom the Lord has divinely appointed to feed us and shepherd us, we offer these prayer suggestions for your Pastor and other various Clergy and church Leaders. We want to acknowledge the distinction of the leaders, but under no circumstances do they necessarily have the same role and responsibilities. Pastors/ Bishops remain as the official leaders who oversee the overall cadence and direction of the local ministries. For the next seven days or during this month for seven consecutive days, consider praying for them.

  1. Pray for and contact them (via text, phone call or email) on this first day and let them know you prayed for them. Most of them if not all would appreciate you taking them before the Lord in prayer. It means to a certain degree, you know they are targets for the enemy and need as much time with the Lord to clearly see His plan for them and the ministry they oversee. The demands of the ministry can weigh heavy on them even in small ministries, but none the less, let us pray for them. 2 Thess. 3:1
  2. Pray for and be accountable to them. If you’ve been a little less than committed to the ministry of your local church, here is an opportunity to start anew by reporting for duty to  your ministry Leaders (Heb. 13:17). God requires those who rule over us in the Lord to be accountable to them. He has given them the “official” responsibility to watch out for our souls. This particular responsibility is in addition to the weekly preaching and teaching service they normally do. But in order for them to give an account, they must muster us or take inventory of the flock which the Lord has given them to tend. When we are not in our place of service, or ministry or teaching sessions as students, he cannot give a good report on us and it does not benefit. It does not profit us.
  3. Pray for and serve them in any form that would bless them. 1Tim. 5:17, encourages us to appreciate them by openly recognizing them for the work they do. For all they days of putting their family’s needs on the back-burner to minister to our families, and all the nights they spend in the study, laboring in the word to understand God’s direction for the ministry and at the same time conducting pre-martial and disciplinary counseling. While growing in the word themselves and seeking to provide a place for us to spiritually grow (Matt. 28:19,20), we are challenged to find ways to bless them. Gifts are accepted, but to appreciate the “anointed” of God is our service towards which them encourages their hearts to continue on in the work.
  4. Pray for them and protect them. Many leaders are opting out of the clergy and oversight work because of the strain and increased pressure placed on them by the recklessness and careless irresponsibility of others. But the reality is, not all are deserving of the same attention for God has ordain, anointed and appointed some whose heart is burning to serve God’s people and are dedicated to their respective ministry responsibilities (Jer.3:15). It blesses their hearts to be a blessing to people and to operate in God’s will by serving, preaching & teaching His word.  Protecting and defending them against those who oppose God’s appointment over their lives is a good way to show your appreciation to the Lord.
  5. Pray for them and encourage their preaching and teaching by being in attendance. The Lord asked Peter if he loved his sheep and he told Peter to “feed them” John 21:17. For the sheep to be fed, they must show up. Deliberate absenteeism is not biblical and is in some cases a sign of conforming to an ungodly mindset. The writer of the book of Hebrews wrote to caution us against adopting a mindset taken up by some not to attend or regularly meet to be taught the word of God. The admonishment (Heb. 10:24, 25) was against thinking it was not important to follow God’s order to the churches. It is always important to accept and follow God’s order. The children of Israel were not permitted to enter into God’s rest because that did not trust his order (Heb. 4:3) nor were obedient. But being in attendance encourages your Pastor, your class and cell leaders to serve as much as they ought and is an indicator of your desires to obey the Lord process.
  6. Pray for and encourage their spouses. God’s word declares that Pastors, Bishops, Elders and ministry Leaders be of godly integrity. The calling to teach and lead God’s people is not just anyone (Acts 02:28-31). The office of a Pastor is restricted to a select few for certain reasons (1Tim. 3) and is to be esteemed high with a fervent vigor.  The people are appointed to this office represent God himself and when they are treated with a lack of respect, there is realistic tendency of the people to use this as an excuse to disrespect God and his order. The spouses of these leaders are often left in wake of the Pastor. We take for granted they understand our need for the pastor’s attention and do not consider their need for the spouse. Spouses help the pastor in the ministry in ways we cannot ever enter into are admonished to encourage them too.
  7. Pray for your Pastor and local Church Leaders – Nothing more shows a Pastor or Clergy Leader you appreciate their ministry, the effort they put out and the integrity they operate in as when we grow and mature in our faith as direct result of them (Eph. 1:15, 16). The reason God gave the local churches these gifts (i.e. Pastor, Teacher and Evangelists) is that we be matured (Eph. 4:11-14). God wanted us to grow up and be strengthen spiritually that we will demonstrate power of the new life we’re living in under Christ to His praise and glory which is the ultimate purpose. Let us be about our Father’s business and appreciate our Pastors/Clergy this month and every month.


In honor, celebration and appreciation to the

Pastors, Teachers, Elders, Evangelist and Deacons who serve the Lord

by serving the Lord’s people.