The BereanWay – Life on Mission

Have you ever wanted to win souls, be a missionary or just be able to share the gospel message in confidence? We all do. Pastor Tony is beginning a new training series to help us be the missionaries that God wants of us using the “Life On Mission” platform. We can discover how to share the gospel with anyone using simple tools, like 3 Circles to make the most out of every opportunity presented to us.

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God has a simple design and order in which he has laid out in his word. His design is for all creation to be a pure and perfect reflection of his glory and wisdom. But as a direct result of the sin committed by the first two humans, all mankind is now in a state of brokenness. This brokenness is expressed in the various forms of unhealthy relationships, mis use of alcohol and drugs. To redeem mankind from his final and eternal judgement God has provide the good news of his plan through the person (I Cor. 15:1-9) of his dear son, Jesus. Let’s all get educated and equipped with these tools as we enter into service ministry of the gospel of God which, by the way is the only plan to achieve God’s plan of redemption.

Pastor Tony

Join Pastor Tony on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm to gather the tools that will “Educate and Equip” us The BereanWay for ministry in God’s divine plan to reach people for the cause of Christ.