About Us

New Berean Baptist Church is a local New Testament church established on the simplicity of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

After his salvation as a result of a workplace bible study, Leroy Ricks, Sr, followed his mentors to a local New Testament church where God prepared him. As he grew in the faith, the Lord carefully guided other men and women into his life to help shape and mold him until the call to the preaching ministry was made. During a Missionary conference, Bishop Joseph Wigfall was used by the Lord to reveal God’s plan for Ricks, who in turned accepted.

Ricks continued to grow and serve in various aspects of the ministry until God called him to begin a ministry founded on The Commission. Ricks, Sr, was given burden for the souls of men by God and New Berean was born in the late summer of 1989. Matthew 28:18-19 and Ephesians 4:11-16 reveals the vision that God has given for our local church family.

We are convinced that when Christ gave the “Great Commission” to his disciples in Matthew 28, he was telling them to go plant New Testament local church bodies. That is exactly what they did beginning in Jerusalem (Acts 1:8, 2:41-47).  The Apostle Paul is considered the greatest example of a New Testaments church planter and Acts 13:1-3 shows how the Holy Spirit carried it out in Paul.

Pastor Ricks’ vision for the ministry is centered on “The Great Commission” of Jesus as told to his disciples as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20. Pastor Ricks’ calling statement is found is Galatian 1:14-16 which is where the vision of New Berean was developed.

Building and growing into a ministry founded on “The Commision”, serving through The Commission and passing on The Commission is who we are today. We are New Berean