Welcome to NBBCMinistry

New Berean was founded by Senior Pastor Leroy E. Ricks, Sr in 1989.  He along with two other families followed the calling of the Lord to begin a ministry based on faith in the word of God. The ministry was established as a place for believers of like faith to follow the Commission of Christ to preach the Gospel, baptize believers and disciple them to teach others.

Now 30 years later, New Berean is celebrating the prosperity of the Lord through this ministry via Pastor Rick’s teaching, preaching, counseling and leadership. Prospering by leading many to salvation, strengthening and securing families that were struggling and reaching out the neighboring communities with the Gospel.

Our ministry work is designed with being “Committed To The Commission Of Christ“. We are co-labors in the commission with several Christian Missionary Pastors and Organizations. We support them as they have committed themselves to sharing the gospel throughout the world. At home locally and abroad, Christ is preached.

NBBCMinistry is a ministry committed to people, to prayer, to praise & worship, to preaching of the word of God. We are “Committed To The Commission Of Christ”

Our doctrinal beliefs are biblically based and we believe them to true and consistent with the teachings of Christ, Paul the Apostle to the New Testament Church and other witnesses of the christian faith.

Our Mission – His Business