“Committed To The Commission Of Christ”

In keeping with the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20) NBBCMinistry supports several missionaries  who are committed to sharing the gospel in their parts of the world.

  • Pastor Enoch Kumar is missionary to India. He is the son of a Christian Missio

    Pastor Enoch Kumar and Family at New Berean

    nary to their native country. Establishing several local assemblies and a school, they have been serving India and experiencing opposition attempting to thawrt the work of God. Pillar and Ground of the Truth Baptist Church Ministries

  • Pastor Bernard Sylvien is Founder and Pastor of a missionary Church in Curacao in the Caribbeans where the Lord is making a way for the gospel of Christ to be preached.

    Pastors Sylvien and Ricks, Deacon Parker

    Pastors Sylvien and Ricks, Deacon Parker

  • Pastors Reynons & Ricks along with their wives

    Pastors Reynons & Ricks along with their wives

    Pastor Ferdinand Reynon has been called to preach Christ to his home of the Philippians. Reynon serve with an orphanage as well as several local new testament assemblies committed to sharing the gospel to every island resident despite heavy opposition from the culturally saturated catholic religion.

    Pastor Issac Obeng is missionary to Ghana, West Africa.

Along with supporting foreign missions, NBBCMinistry is a co-laborer in the work of several local missions. The Crisis Pregnancy Center of  Tidewater and Union Mission are two which are involved in reaching the spiritually lost by providing specific services. CPCOT, http://www.cpcot.org/  provides educational information and guidance to those in need regarding children both born and unborn .

Union Missions, http://www.unionmissionministries.org, is dedicated to the gospel by providing bedding, meals and clothing to whomever they can. They too accept donation and other forms of support to ensure the work continues.