Salvation – The single greatest need of any and all human beings is their need for a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the Eternal Great all-Wise God.

Pulpit Points – Pulpit Points is a library of selected messages originating from the pulpit preaching ministry of Founder and Senior Pastor Leroy E. Ricks, Sr, Associate Pastor Dr. Lamont E. Ricks and other varied speakers.

Pulpit Points (Audio Archive) – Selected audio versions of the Pulpit Points preaching series by Leroy E. Ricks, Sr

Sunday Devotional – Lessons designed to give you a regular weekly opportunity to study lessons that we use for our Sunday Devotions here at New BereanJoin us each week as we “Learn More, Grow More, Be More” in Christ

Mid-Week Bible Study – During the pandemic season in our Fellowship, we are unable to meet corporately,. In our efforts to continue sharing the word of God that we may grow, New Berean chose to continue our weekly lessons with Pastor DeWayne Cason.

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