Our Ministry Staff

Christ is the head of the Church – Eph. 5:23
Senior Pastor – Antonio B. Harris
Ordain Elders in every city – Titus 1:5

/Executive Leadership/

Alvin Parker, Sr Deacon Chair
Curtis Jackson Deacon
Slyvester Newby Deacon
Anthony Lawhorn Deacon

Senior Pastor – Antonio Harris
Monique Robinson Chief Financial Officer
Keith Lewis Trustee Chair
Alvin Parker Sr Deacon Chair
Erma Curtis-Evans Director of Christian Education

/Team Berea Ministry Leaders/

Director of Student Ministries – Leroy Ricks, Jr
Women’s Ministry – Antoinette Lawhorn
Church Clerk/Prayer Warriors – Joan Jackson

Usher/Greeters – Norris Bailey

Kitchen – Patricia Barnes

Drama/Theater Arts – Charmaine Downes

Trustee/Custodian – Allen Mann
Security – Don Parker
Communications/Media – Steven Barnes

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