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Currently we are holding our


for all “In-House” Worship Services

We are asking all of our guests, family and friends to be aware and informed of our “Safe Worship Protocol” policy as it applies. During this pandemic season, we want to do all we can to provide you the assurance of being able to worship and fellowship safely. Based upon the recent changes in our Country and local communities with increased numbers of people being vaccinated and the decreased number of COVID infections, we have established these components in our policy to minimize the risks to you. Thank you for your adherence and cooperation. 


  • Signs have been posted and displayed throughout the facility informing you of our responsibility to you as a guest and yours toward each other in love.
  • Everyone entering the facility will be asked to wear face coverings or masks as a means to help minimize the risks associated with this communicable disease. In light of the increased number of people who have vaccinated, we are aware that some have not received the vaccinations.
  • Surface body temperatures will be taken of every guest. Anyone recording a temperature >100 degrees F will be asked NOT to enter for the consideration, safety and potential health risks. 
  • Greeters will be at each open door to guide and direct you as applicable. They will be available to assist you with any questions or comments you may have regarding your health and safety during the services. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout the facility for your comfort with the church greeters. 
  • Our seating capacity has been adjusted to ensure the social distancing and other health conscience guidelines are maintained.
  • If a guest or someone takes ill or develops unexpected symptoms, we will take necessary actions to ensure containment and see that medical attention is rendered. 

Outside The Facility

  • All guests are asked to follow the level of safety as it applies to them personally.
  • Masks are NOT required to be worn but we expect everyone to mindful and considerate of those who have and have not been vaccinated or otherwise have a special request.

New Berean Safety Guidelines for Public Gatherings 


Local Weather

The New Berean family invites you to be our guest. Our “Commitment To The Commission of Christ” is blended together with a commitment to preach of the cross (Matthew 28:18-20 ), missionary work (Acts 1:8 ), praise, worship & fellowship ( Acts 2:44-47). These elements put together are the basis of all our ministries here at New Berean and we’d like you to be our special guest.


Drive Up, Tune In & Worship 

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NBBCMinistry Invites You


3600 Bamboo Road Portsmouth, VA 23703


Office Phone: (757) 483-4821 Office Fax: (757) 483-1561

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I don’t have a way to get there. Can you help me?

A: YES! Free transportation is provided at your request, please call us and we’ll help you!

Q: I have small children and teens. Are they accommodated?

A: YES! All ages are welcome! Free childcare is provided in our nursery, AND children’s classes and activities are held in the classrooms during worship service, so they can have fun learning the Word of God on their own level.

Q: I don’t know how to get there. Can you provide directions to NBBC?

A: YES! Click This Link for Directions to NBBC

Share with us your most recent experience at New Berean. Our desire is to provide you a blessed and memorable experience. If this was your first time at New Berean let us know and if we can provide you with additional information about our ministry. (ex. share with us if something stood out or someone was encouraging to you or your family.)

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