The BereanWay – Sunday

Join the family of New Berean and Senior Pastor Antonio “Tony” Harris, in worship, fellowship and the preaching of God’s word this Sunday
The BereanWay and Pastor Tony on YouTube

Sundays were made for fellowship, worship, singing songs of praise and hearing the word of God preached. Here at The BereanWay of New Berean, we are excited at this special opportunity to be in obedience to the scriptures to collectively gather, encourage, be encouraged and be ready to serve each other for God’s glory (Acts 4:32-35, Heb. 10:24-25).

As we face our daily challenges, it’s a blessing to know we have a family of like-minded people who we can look to for support and the Lord our God has given us that in the local church. So, don’t neglect the blessing of being in fellowship.

If you are in the 757-area code of Virginia looking for a local assembly committed to the commission of Christ, give New Berean a consideration and be our special guest this Sunday.

This Sunday at New Berean, special Guest Darrell Townsend of Friendship Baptist Church will be our guest speaker.

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Our Berean Student Youth ministry is prepped and ready to minister to your children the things of God
The BereanWay of New Berean