Learning to Walk With Jesus

Mid-Week Bible Study

In our continued Mid-Week Bible study lessons, we are going to be examining the scriptures to learn how to walk with Jesus. This week’s lesson focuses on the word of God as it is symbolically represented in the scriptures. Associate Pastor DeWayne Cason shares six examples from the scriptures and how they relate to each follower of the Christ.

The Word of God Symbolized:

  • A Mirror – It shows us the image of ourselves as God sees. James 1:22-25
  • A Lamp – It illuminates the image seen in the mirror and exposes sin in the life of both the believer and unbeliever Psalm 119:105 , John 3:19-21
  • Water – It cleanses the life when it is properly applied Ephesians 5:26,
  • A Sword – A tool of divine authority to cut or separate right from wrong, cut away bad from good and holy from unholy, Heb. 4:12, Eph. 6:17, II Tim. 2:3-4,
  • A Hammer – It breaks up the hardness of ones heart callused by sin Jer. 23:29
  • Fire – It purifies the heart allowing for new growth Jer. 20:9
with Pastor DeWayne Cason