MGM Weekly Devotional

Eternal Investment – Investing in our future is not limited to finances or real estate. God has called us as men of God to invest in our children the wisdom which he has given us. No greater gap exists than that between men and God. And we as men can fill that gap by investing more spiritual things that are eternal in our children than material things that will fade away in time.

Being That Man – Every man wants to be “that man”. God wants every man to be that man who represents him and his standards while here on earth. By the grace of God, we have the potential to be the man of God is standing in the gap.

Help, Help I Need Help – Every now and then we as men need help. We have been assigned an awesome role as men. God gave Adam the role to oversee the entire Garden of Eden. Manage the flocks and beasts of the field, fowls of the air and fish of the seas. He had a lot of things to do and do it alone. God (Gen, 2:18) saw the responsibilities needed to be shared, so He gave him a help-meet. Eve cam along side of Adam and helped him. In the process of becoming men of God, we need to share the load or weight of our responsibilities. This doesn’t excuse us of anything for we are still going be be held accountable.