Up-Coming Events

Opportunities of Growth, Fellowship and Service ALL in-house events are being conducted using our “Safe Worship Protocol” policy to ensure the safety of all our guests. Please refer to our “Visit Us” page for details.

In-Person Prayer & Bible Study Using Safe Fellowship Protocol

We will begin our in-house Mid-Week Prayer and Bible Study services in June. Join us as we fellowship in prayer to encourage one another in the things of the Lord. We will be using our “Safe Fellowship” protocol to maintain a high level of respect, consideration and appreciation for the opportunity God has given us to congregate together.

Ladies Mid-Week Bible Study on ZOOM

Men of New Berean you are invited to join the Men of Grace to join us in prayer as we seek the Lord for wisdom, grace and favor to lead our families and friends in our roles as servant-leaders. Join us and invite another man
Sign up today or reply back to us and let us know you plan to to attend this special gathering. This year we are giving thank to the Lord for our earthly Fathers past and present for our dads. Contact Sis. C. Lawhorn June 13th and let her know how many people you are bringing. Thanks again

Join us this Sunday as the New Berean Men of Grace Ministry welcomes Elder Marion Williams, as guest speaker for our Father’s Day Worship service.

What is Team Berea?

Team Berea is you, the members of New Berean actively collaborating their gifts, talents and abilities to “Serve, Share and Love” one another as the Lord our God would have. It is the acknowledging of the various roles we have been assigned and living out those roles within our local assembly. If you don’t know where or how you fit in at New Berean, talk with your ministry Leader, your respective leader or Pastor Cason for guidance,

Ephesians 4:11-17, Romans 12:3-5, I Corinthians 12:11-20

Serving One Another in Love

Share With Anyone in Need

Love Sincerely