The Lord Jesus According to Luke

Luke Study Series by DeWayne Cason

1 – Why Christians Should Guard Against Pride and Rejoice Instead (Luke 10:17-20)- In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus appointed 70 disciples, using His authority to carry out a preaching mission throughout Judea proclaiming the Kingdom of God in Word and in miracles.  Upon their return they reported that the mission was so successful that they rejoiced over how even demons were being cast out. While Jesus rejoiced with them over Satan’s defeat this time around, He then gave them instructions to guard against pride in the enemy’s defeat but rejoice instead. Today’s points:

  1. THE POWER OF THE DISCIPLES – Luke 10:17-18
  2. THE PRIDE OF THE DISCIPLES – Luke 10:19, MARK 16:15-20, ACTS 4:4
  3. THE PRIORITY FOR REJOICING – Luke 10:20, HEB 12:23, REV 3:5, LUKE 10:38-42

2 – Life and Times of the Baptizer and the Savior – Luke’s Gospel or account of Jesus life and ministry is the third Gospel of the New Testament.  Luke’s version portrays Jesus Christ, the Son of Man. He wrote it to present Jesus as the Savior of the world, preaching the Good News, a compassionate healer and teacher. It is the story of Jesus Christ – and as Luke, the physician and historian puts it, exactly as it happened.  We begin this new series on Luke’s Gospel with a message that introduces both John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ and our beloved Savior entitled, “Life and Times of the Baptizer and the Savior”.

3 – Jesus’ Comforting Words to Mothers – Throughout the Gospels and especially in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was seen to have great love and compassion towards women of all walks of life, from the poor, the sickly, the demon possessed, the grieving widows, adulterers, prostitutes and especially mothers who found themselves or their children in great need or despair. So, as we celebrate Mother’s Day today, let us take a moment to discover some of the comforting words that the Son of Man spoke to three of those special mothers found in the Gospel of Luke according to Luke. 

4 – The Temptation of the Son of Man – Following His baptism in the Jordan, where Jesus had received the visible anointing of the Holy Spirit, it was now time for Him to be challenged and tested in the Judean wilderness by the Devil to demonstrate His readiness as the Son of Man for the Gospel. Today’s message from Luke 4 looks at the account of the temptation of Jesus, who was tempted in all points, as we are – but without sin.

5 – When the Son of Man Calls – Today, we are continuing our series from the Gospel of Luke, “Jesus, the Son of Man”. We will take a look at the 5th chapter which provides some remarkable accounts of the Son of Man’s early Galilean ministry. It’s stories reveal Jesus bringing hope to the oppressed and challenging those in power. Come find out what happens in today’s message which is entitled “When the Son of Man Calls”.

6 – Almost! The Story of Would-Be Followers – Many people who say that are willing to follow Jesus really aren’t.  From our series on the Gospel of Luke, “Jesus, the Son of Man”, we find three people who alleged or agreed to follow the Son of Man. Well, Almost! When they counted the cost to follow Jesus, they weren’t as willing as they said.  As we dive into our message today from Luke 9, may we challenged to evaluate the devotion, determination, and faithfulness of our commitment to following the Lordship of Jesus Christ