Sunday Devotional

The Master Teaches How to Pray, Matthew 6:9-15

This week’s Sunday Devotional has us in a class session on prayer, taught by the Master. In our every day lives we are in constant need of communicate with our heavenly Father for direction, grace understanding and forgiveness. We are to constantly and consistently consult Him to ensure we are living the life he both desires and demands. The Lord tells us through the writer of I Thessalonians (I Thess. 5:16-18) that we are to always pray. And again, we are reminded of the spiritual warfare we are engaged in and of the weapons we should equip ourselves with – prayer (Eph. 6:10-18).

The Lord was always teaching to his disciples and those who would listen. He took the time to train them in the fundamentals of the faith, the thing his Father had assigned him to included praying (Luke 11:1-3). God wants us to communicate with him but wants us to understand there is a format and a level of respect that comes along with approaching his holy throne. At the request of one of those followers, Jesus sat his disciples down and instructed them on the process of prayer.

Join us this week for our Sunday Devotional.