Everlasting Love

Loved With An Everlasting Love

There are many emotions we’re experiencing. We know people who are struggling from day to day with so many unknowns but God wants us to know beyond the shadow of doubt, we are loved personally with an everlasting love.

While in exile, bondage and enslavement under the strong hand of various captives, Israel experienced a full spectrum of emotion. From loneliness, to abandonment, to despair to everything else in between. God’s people were at a lost or perceived there were lost. Even though to some degree, they were in the position because of their own disobedience and rebellion, they were still loved. Jer. 31:2-4 reminds us that the Lord our God loves his people beyond they could ever imagine.

Feelings are not always indicative of truth. Our feelings will override and overwhelm at time (if allowed) but we have the assurance that no matter where we are or what state we find ourselves, we are to rest in the unshakable reality of God’s love for us. Storms will come, the bellows may rise and pandemics season will hover, but :

If you or someone you know has recently experienced overwhelming feelings, encourage yourself (as David did) and them in the reality of the everlasting love you are loved.