Stay Focused – We Have Hope

The world is desperately looking for some resolution, some end to the world-wide demise we find ourselves in. There is almost no State in the union that has not been directly impacted by the virus that has spread across our country. We seem in some communities have struggled trying to make heads or tails about what is happening and more so, is this coming to my house. We just don’t know.

We Have A God of Hope

The church pews may be empty but our hope is full. there will come a time when the Lord will open up again. There church doors will have greeters and ushers standing there with big smiles, welcomes and programs of the things that you may experience once you come in. But until then we have been placed where we are and where we are is where we are to grow and bloom. Jesus told the woman he met at the well that worship, service and a practical display of Christ has never been limited or restricted to the church building (John 4:22-24). Her thinking of worship at the time was limited to a particular place. But as the Lord can only speak truth, he set her free with his words. He shared with her that worship is a personal expression that ought to be expressed before the presence of the omnipresence of the Almighty God wherever we may find ourselves not just in a facility.

God tells us in Psalm 31:24 we can and ought to be encouraged by the truth of his word. Regardless of our present condition, our God gives us hope in his word which speak of his inability to lie (Titus 1:2). The hope we have will strengthen our heart. So as we face the world today and tomorrow, we can experience it power, love and and with a sound mind. We Have Hope.

Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24