Sunday Devotional – The Risen Christ on the Emmaus

Luke 24:13-27

On the day of the resurrection of Christ, the first day of the week, two men traveling on the road to Emmaus had the encounter of their life. While Mary, Joanna, Mary Magdalene were explaining to the eleven the scene of the empty tomb Christ appeared. According to Matt. 28:8-9, The Lord appeared to them to encourage them. Another disciple, Mark records the risen Savior appearing to and two men traveling on a road to another country (Mark 16:9-13).

Leaving Jerusalem, these men had a lot of time to talk for the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, is approximately seven miles. Not our modern day paved roads, they probably had a four hour hike. They had just been participated in the celebration and festivities of the Passover. These two likely renewed some old acquaintances, set up some business deals and just shared their Jewish faith with others. They probably heard or witnessed all the town talk of the men who had been executed just three days prior, in particular the one called the Christ. One interesting point is at some point along the road the Lord, the risen Christ appeared to these two men. Along with others headed back to their respective homes, canavans of people, the Lord singled these out.

As if he was a stranger in a strange land, (for he veiled himself before their eyes) Jesus inquired about the conversation they were having. It was interesting that Jesus asked what they were talking about so Cleopas responded, really? His response lead to them believe that the Lord was going away from Jerusalem because they asked, have you not heard of the things that took place about the Nazarene. Jesus was the talk of the town and for some reason, he appeared to the two, ignorant. Jesus wants us to know what we believe so he asked them to testify of the things they had witnessed. They spoke with details of the trial, the beating and crucifixion. They spoke of the empty tomb as testified by the women. They even spoke of the words that he might have been the One to redeem Israel. Jesus’ ears heard unbelief and disappointment from these two men.

Then the Lord educates them and expounds to them Scriptures, specifically those about him. Hebrews 1 reminds us that the Lord not only wants us to have a head knowledge of scripture, but believe the scriptures. God has chosen to speak to us now through his Son, and anything less than belief is an insult and an act of disrespect to His order. Hence the reason Jesus, called them “foolish” in their unbelief. The two men obviously had an astute knowledge of the Jewish history and the promises of the Old Testament scripitures. But none of that means anything before the Lord if it is not mixed with faith (Heb. 4:2).