Pulpit Points – Seeing Beyond This Life

Seeing Beyond This Life – Seeing things from God’s perspective has been coined as having 2020 vision (in line with the year 2020). But in reality, God has always wanted his people to see everything from his perspective for in Ps. 19:9, he declares his judgements are completely right. He states in his word that our thoughts are not his nor do our ways parallel his (Isa. 55:8). Our way of seeing things is naturally bent towards the things of this world and not the way God sees them.

But because God is infinitely, divinely wise and omniscient, he knows everything. When we study the word of God, which is the revealed mind of God, we are exposed to some of that wisdom. We are able to discern why things are the way the are, people act the way they act and why God allows the things he allows. In today’s Pulpit Points message, Pastor Ricks breaks down Psalm 73, A Psalm of Asaph of these four things of the Lord to help us See Beyond This Life.