Pulpit Points – Who Do You Trust?

Our world tells us that we are to take charge of our lives. We are in control. But over the last few months, out world’s landscape has gone through a dramatic and tragic series of changes. This COVID-19 pandemic has shaken to its core. It has demonstrated how little control we actually have over our lives. No one knows the day nor the hour in which we, someone we know or even don’t know will be stricken down by this disease that has claimed the lives of 77,000 plus people (ref. CDC.gov).

God’s word is sure, it is perfect and pure. It is the word of the Most High God and in it, he declares that life is fragile (Jam. 4:14). Since God’s word is true and perfect, how can we trust or believe in ourselves to be bigger or mightier than the world we live in? Today’s Pulpit Points message from Leroy E. Ricks, Sr, is a reminder of the need to refocus ourselves to ask the question, “Who Do You Trust”?

Who Do You Trust

Joshua challenged the Israelites to examine themselves (Joshua 24) about who they were going to follow. We follow after who we trust. If we believers trust in anything or anyone other than the Lord our God, we will follow them. As a warning, God reminded his people that he is a jealous God and wants his people to trust him and therefore follow him. As an encouragement, He give gives us hope through his personal testimony as a faithful God who can be trusted.

Today’s message “Who Do You Trust?”