Work While You Wait Part II

:Work While You Wait” sounds like an oxymoron. Doing something that seems to be totally opposite of the other. Is it possible or even reasonable to work and wait at the same time? In today’s message, Dr. Ricks shares with us it is exactly what God wants for us. In our lives as believers, there will be times where we will find ourselves waiting for God, waiting for future spouses or for things to fall into place. We just don’t have control over as much as we want. But in the meantime, what should be our action or reaction when things are not ready to be done?

Used in the message W-O-R-K is used to practically describe some of the things we could employ. W – Worship the Lord, O – Optimize our time until our situation changes, R – Reset ourselves by making necessary changes or adjustments in our lives as the Lord reveals them to us through His word and K – Know the Lord our God better and more intimately. In knowing Him, God will reveal more of his precious word and divine plan to us as he desires. Listen along with us today and follow Dr. Ricks at