Pulpit Points – Words of Comfort

And I will send you another Comforter”

For the Believer, life is to be lived from an eternal perspective and not from the “here and now”. In today’s Pulpit Points mess, “Words of Comfort” Leroy E. Ricks shares how and why this is to be done.

God has called us out to a living hope (I Peter 1:3) which is based upon his authority, his wisdom and faithfulness. As the sovereign God of all that exist, he is the authority who rules all things. In his omniscience, he is able to know all things before they even happen. From eternity past to eternity future, his wisdom is display through all creation and his ability to sustain through the power of his word. And because he the God who cannot change or deviate from his intended plans, he is faithful.

Join with us as we study Psalm 37

  • Do not Fret – v 1-2,
  • Trust in the Lord and Do Good – v 3
  • Delight In The Lord – v 4
  • Commit To the Lord – v 5