What We As Bereans Believe

The Bereans of Acts 17:11 were identified and being more noble than those saints in Thessalonica. God stated they searched the scriptures diligently to verify and validate those things being taught. It was of the utmost importance to them because the truth of the word of God that important. Just as it is now, there were many people claiming to be messengers of God but in reality, they were imposters (Acts 20:29-31).

In a series of lessons, Pastor Cason examines the basic doctrines that make up the foundation of the ministry of New Berean and the mindset of it members. If it is preached and taught, the scriptures will be search out to either support or deny its validity.

What We Believe Here At New Berean The foundation of our personal walk in Christ is based upon what we believe. In this new study, Pastor DeWayne Cason will spend the next few few weeks examining the fundamental doctrines of this local assembly and why we hold to these specific doctrines.

What We As Bereans Believe Introduction Part I (click) – Every believer should have a foundational set of beliefs that support their entire system of faith. It is important these basic beliefs be biblically supported and sound (Titus 1:9) so when other teachings are introduced to us we are are able to distinguish. So follow along with Pastor Cason as he introduces to some and reviews the basic doctrines of The New Berean Baptist church ministry (What We Believe – PDF Document)

What We As Berean Believe Introduction Part II (click) The basis or the basic foundation of the entire ministry of New Berean is the Bible. In today’s study, Pastor Cason leads us on a examination of the foundation of our beliefs and what other beliefs are built on that foundation.

  • Doctrineteaching that is sound and healthy to the spiritual sustaining of the one who hears
  • Rebuke – reproof or pointing out error in wrong teaching by testing the teaching that is heard
  • Correction – restoring or bringing error into agreement with truth
  • Instructiontraining which is promoted by healthy doctrine, pointing erroneous teaching and solidifies healthy teaching through its built-in system of correction

What is the word of God? The Scriptures of the Old and New Testament of the Bible are the inspired record of God’s revelatory actions in human history and is the authoritative basis for its doctrine and practice. It is the inspired Word of God, authoritative and without error in the original manuscripts (2 Tim 3:16). The Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are designed for the practical instruction in faith and conduct of every Christian. Jesus referred to the scriptures of old throughout his public ministry as the basis of his teaching. He uses scripture to teach others. It is our intent to help you understand that just as Jesus trusted the scriptures to teach, we too ought to be inclined to the same. God’s would is forever solidified in Christ (Matt. 24:35). Since the word is final it become the basis and foundation of the Christian faith.

What We As Bereans Believe Pt III (click) This week’s lesson study focuses on God, God in three persons, blessed Trinity. Although the word trinity does not exist in the Canon of scriptures, there is the existence of the God-head throughout. Tonight, Pastor Cason will share from the scriptures who God is and why we believe there is only One God manifested himself in three persons. Join us today.

What We As Bereans Believe Pt IV (click) – the Doctrines of Creation, of Man and Satan.

We accept the biblical account of the “Triune Godhead” creating Earth, all the worlds (or universe) apart from any pre-existing materials or through any evolutionary process (Gen 1).

We also believe that man (mankind) is the direct creation of God (Gen. 2). God literally formed the first human being, Adam and made the first woman from that man (Acts 17:26). As a result, the entire human race descends from these two creations of God.

Satan, the devil is created being who is the chief adversary of God and all that represents for God (Eze. 28:12-15). Through the process of sin, satan rebelled in his heart against God (Rev. 12:10). As only God can and will do, he judged satan (Is 14:14). He was then expelled from the heavens and has been permitted by God to have a part in his divine plan here on earth. His end is defeat by means of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and sentenced him to an eternal damnation.

What We As Berean Believe – Part V (click) 0 The Doctrine of The Local Church. The Ordinances (Communion and Baptism)

An ordinance by definition is a religious custom whose intent is to demonstrate an adherent’s faith. Examples include baptism and the Lord’s Supper, as practiced in Evangelical churches adhering to the doctrine of the Christian’s church, Pastor Cason shares tonight how the Local assemblies of Christianity are a collection of people of like-faith. People who are born-again by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and have chosen to assemble, meet and congregate themselves under the biblical leadership as ordained in the scriptures.

Within those local assemblies are the two customs or ordinances practiced and maintained as instituted and directed by the Lord Jesus himself

What We As Bereans Believe Pt VI (click) Salvation. Soterios is the Greek word from where we get the English word salvation. Salvation is God’s deliverance of a the lost portion of his creation. In tonight’s lesson, Pastor Cason help us understand what biblical salvation is and why we as Bereans believe what we believe concerning God’s salvation and why. Jesus stated the reason why he came was to seek and to save those who are lost (Luke 19:10).