Searching The Scriptures

In studying the scriptures there are several elements we should employ or tools we should use to help the scriptures become relevant, alive and exciting as they are and as God intended. First we must ask who is the writer and who is his audience. Then ask the question, what is he writing about and why is he writing these scriptures. With that being said, we must understand that even though we can know these four elements, we cannot know what God is saying to us from the scriptures because they are spiritually appraised. Only people who are saved have God’s blessed spirit (Rom. 8:9) and therefore are able to properly discern his word.

Lesson 1 Searching The Scriptures Colossians 2:8-10 This week lesson from Pastor Cason takes us to Colossae a city located in Turkey (of Asia). He discusses the keys searching the scriptures. So grab your bible and join us for today’s study.