This Is My Mission…

Pastor Enoch Kumar and Family

This Sunday is our “Missionary” Sunday which we celebrate, honor and recognize the efforts of our Missionaries and challenge one another to be about our Father’s business. The business of sharing the good news of God’s love and grace as extended through the shed blood of Jesus Christ is the good work for which we have been saved (Eph. 2:4-10).

New Berean’s vision is the same as “The Lord’s Commission“. We count it an honor and privilege to both share in his work and support it. To take the message of God’s eternal grace and love which has been extended through the person of his only begotten son, Jesus the Christ is why we exist. This month we celebrate the work of Christ through our Missionaries at home and abroad are doing.

You the members of New Berean support Missionaries in Costa Rico, India, Curacao, West Africa, The Philippines and well as some local agencies. Please remember them in your prayers and as you give support for the further success of the work God has called them and us into. Here are some of their praises and prayer requests:

  • Stability in their financial support
  • Growth in access to virtual meetings, internet access and tech support
  • Safe protection and medical support for everyone
  • Continue to pray for the Reynons (The Philippines) , whose son Nathan was killed in a car accident in September. He had been married only for a couple months. Prayer for her and the Reynons to fine grace in God’s love and comfort for them
  • Pray for acceptance and softness of the people to receive the good news
  • For the preparedness of the Saints as they are being trained
  • The Kumars ask for us to pray for their daughter and new son-in-law’s marriage
Let Us All Be About Our Father’s Business

May the Lord continually bless us as we share in the mission work He has called for us as a church.

If there are things we can do differently during the COVID enhanced times, share them with Ministry Leader Sister Gwen Reid or your Deacon. Thank you again for being the blessing you are for the cause of Christ.

Use this classic guide to share Christ


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