Sunday’s Pulpit Points


While at a dinner table, Jesus responds to a self-righteous Jew who spoke as though they were blessed or entitled to eat bread in the Kingdom of God. In the Parable of the Great Banquet, Jesus responds to his statement with a story comparing the Kingdom of Heaven with a great banquet, in which the guests gave excuses to reject the host’s gracious invitation. Selected passage Luke 14:15-24

The Great Banquet – Luke 14:15-17, Isaiah 1:18, 2 Cor 6:2

The Great Excuses – Lk 18-20, John 6:37, Heb 7:25

The Great Invitation – Lk.14: 21-24

The Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20

Excuses, excuses. God is inviting both Jews and Gentiles to come to Christ and taste of His eternal grace and the goodness of the Kingdom of God. Those who offer excuses and reject God’s invitation to believe on His Son will never taste of God’s offer of eternal salvation but will remain under the wrath of God forever. So, what will you do with your invitation?

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