Pulpit Points

with DeWayne Cason

When the Son of Man Calls

Today, we are continuing our series from the Gospel of Luke, “Jesus, the Son of Man”. We will take a look at the 5th chapter which provides some remarkable accounts of the Son of Man’s early Galilean ministry. Its stories reveal Jesus bringing hope to the oppressed and challenging those in power. Come find out what happens in today’s message which is entitled “When the Son of Man Calls”.

The Points:

  1. A Call to Follow – Luke 5:1-11
  2. A Call for Healing – Luke 5:12-16
  3. A Call for Forgiveness – Luke 5:17-26
  4. A Call for Repentance – Luke 5:27-32
  5. A Call to Change – Luke 5:33-39

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