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Faith & Fitness , God has given us only body to serve him. Partaking in the new Faith & Fitness is one of things of change Pastor Harris spoke of in his message series, “How to Handle Change“. No matter our age, physical challenges, there are some things we can do to maintain this chosen vessel to a vessel of honor (2 Tim. 2:21). This morning’s first day bike/walk, took us on a 3.5-mile trek through the Riverfront section of Northern Suffolk. Shouts of praise to the ONE who has called us into an abundant life, the life in Christ Jesus. Join us this coming Monday April 1, at 6:00 pm for day 2.

How to Handle Change

It has been said that, “Change is inevitable“. Everything is our world changes, so you would think we would be used to change. But not so, especially if the change is not to our favor or not as we would have made the change.

How To Handle Change – From David’s account in Psalm 62, Pastor Tony helps know that no matter the change, we have a source to help us navigate and adjust through it. We are limited in our wisdom and understanding of why things are the way they are and why change happens. But when we see things from God’s sovereign perspective, we can be at peace, in safety and have hope.

How To Handle Change Pt 2 We should handle change prayerfully. It’s a good and spiritual thing to say we should handle change prayerfully but we, admittedly do not prayerfully handle change. In today’s, part 2 of Pastor’s Harris’ series on “How to Handle Change – Part 2”, he gives us a way that will allow us to properly and biblically handle change. Psalm 62:1-8 is our text today.

How to Handle Change Pt 3 Sometime change happens gradually and sometimes changes happens “suddenly”. In today message on How to Handle Change Pt 3, Pastor Tony takes us to the account of Jesus disciples when they were out in a boat and a tempest suddenly arose. But what happens when things happen immediately in our lives?

Listen – Pt 1
Listen – Pt 2
Listen – Pt 3

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The BereanWay Weekend Edition

The New Berean Weekend

Walking for our physical health, fellowshipping for our spiritual health and sharing Christ with neighbors for the cause of Christ (Rom. 6:4, 7:6).

Blessed are we to have and had our mothers. God’s gift to our world are those mothers who trained us the things of God, prayed for our faithfulness and spiritual growth and continue to encourage our lives by teaching us through their lives and journey with Christ. Happy Mother’s Day to you from us here at New Berean. May God’s eternal grace and love be your comfort strength and hope on this special day in which we celebrate the gift of you. “Her children shall rise up and call her blessed” Prov. 31:28a

We have some exciting and interesting events and opportunities of fellowship and service coming up this month. Click on the image to see what is available for you