How to Handle Change

It has been said that, “Change is inevitable“. Everything is our world changes, so you would think we would be used to change. But not so, especially if the change is not to our favor or not as we would have made the change.

How To Handle Change – From David’s account in Psalm 62, Pastor Tony helps know that no matter the change, we have a source to help us navigate and adjust through it. We are limited in our wisdom and understanding of why things are the way they are and why change happens. But when we see things from God’s sovereign perspective, we can be at peace, in safety and have hope.

How To Handle Change Pt 2 We should handle change prayerfully. It’s a good and spiritual thing to say we should handle change prayerfully but we, admittedly do not prayerfully handle change. In today’s, part 2 of Pastor’s Harris’ series on “How to Handle Change – Part 2”, he gives us a way that will allow us to properly and biblically handle change. Psalm 62:1-8 is our text today.

How to Handle Change Pt 3 Sometime change happens gradually and sometimes changes happens “suddenly”. In today message on How to Handle Change Pt 3, Pastor Tony takes us to the account of Jesus disciples when they were out in a boat and a tempest suddenly arose. But what happens when things happen immediately in our lives?

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