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Meeting every Wednesday at 3600 Bamboo Rd

Looking for a bible study group that will help you understand the scriptures, help you grow in your faith and help you know what God is saying to you? Want to be encouraged, challenged and comforted in a small, in-person group? Then consider our Wednesday Noon Day Bible Study and Prayer group.

Login: 833 2827 7545, 895199

In addition to our in-person Bible Study and Prayer group during the day, we offer a virtual version for men and for women to minister to these two. Both sessions are help virtually via ZOOM, starting at 7:00 pm

Login: 875 7229 6913, 1711

“The BereanWay” is the vision of New Berean Baptist Church as a means to faithfully carry out The Commission of Christ as given to his faithful disciples in Matthew’s gospel (28:18-20). The BereanWay was conceived in the heart of Pastor Antonio Harris to promulgate God’s command to his disciples in Matthew’s gospel

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