Sunday Devotional – Christ Our Example

Christ Our Example – In today’s society, we are encouraged to mentor or be mentored by someone we admire or would aspire to be like. These mentors are to be people of high esteem, integrity and sure be charismatic and attractive to others. For the Believer, the person we relate most to be like is the Lord Jesus Christ. God is in the business of molding and shaping us into the image of his dear son (Rom. 8:29). In our lesson this week, we will learn of several characters of or Lord that we should mature into

  • Humility – a modest or respectable view of one’s own importance, humble
  • Selfless – one who is more concerned with the needs of others than their own self.
  • Esteeming Others – to respect, admire others

These are attributes that will be exemplified or manifested in our life when we are determined through obedience to be like of Savior. Christ is every way was perfect and had no faults (1 Pet. 2:22, Heb. 4:15). Let study to show ourselves approved of God and grow into being like Christ, our example.