Biblical Forgiveness

 Psalm 46:10 says that followers of Christ should “Be still and know…God”. I submit that one of the things we should know about God is that He forgives us of sin-through His Son, Jesus Christ. It because He forgives us, we, born again Christians are commanded by God, “To forgive those who sin against us…” [Luke 11:4, NLT].


In her article, 7 Myths We Have About Forgiveness (And what Biblical Forgiveness Really Looks Like), Michelle Lazurez, shares some interesting information, that will hopefully help us  better understand God’s command to be still and know what forgiveness is about. According to the Scriptures. 

MYTH #1 – Forgiveness Equals Forgetting

People think that because they have forgiven someone, that they have to instantly forget the offense. But only God can do that.  

Biblical forgiveness: Forgiving doesn’t mean we forget, just that we actively fight to surrender the hurt to God. Choose not to remember the offense or hold it against the persons. There is great freedom in this. You may still remember the act but pray that your heart will not hold any malice or anger when you remember it. The offender may already be living in a self-made prison of guilt and shame because of what they have done. The last thing you want to do is hold onto the keys of freedom.


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