Biblical Forgiveness Myth #6

Myth 6:  Forgiveness Means You Wish for Justice

Is it possible the reason why dramas shows involving courts and police officers are still so popular is because we have an innate need for a sinner to receive justice? We want criminals to get a fair jail sentence and stop hurting innocent victims. It is the same in real life.  We may have forgiven a person, but when we see that person succeeding in life, do we secretly think life is not fair?  Don’t secretly hope that person fails in the future so it balances the fairness scale.

Biblical forgiveness:  The prodigal Son parable in Luke 15:11-32 is  a prime example of justice and grace.  The eldest brother wanted his prodigal brother to pay for all his wrongdoing. Yet the father extended a hand to rejoice and celebrate because the prodigal turned from his evil ways. Pray that the offender gives their life to Christ.  Let grace balance out the scales of justice.