Sunday Devotional – David Prays

David Praying Before The Lord

Praying is defined a a form of communication, a spiritual conversation between man and God. Paul wrote in Romans 8:26, that in our praying, sometimes our communications are made with groanings that cannot uttered. But because it is a spiritual communication, the Holy Spirit of God brings us together with the Lord.

In this week’s Sunday Devotional we’re going to listen in on a conversation between David and the Lord in prayer. David has been credited with at least seventy-three of the 150 Psalms. But all of the times David spoke with the Lord were not listed as Psalms. Our lesson takes us to I Chronicles 17:16-27 where David shares with the Lord his heart, his humility and gratitude for the things God allowed him to witness. Israel had seen a lot and experienced a lot but the Lord their God was not done with them.

What we will learn from David is how we are to reverence the Lord and talk with the Lord. Join us for this week’s study.