The Ark is Completed

Lesson text: I Kings 8:14-21

Last week’s lesson lead us to when the Ark of the covenant of God was returned and delivered to Zion, the City of David (I Kings 8:1). It was a holy moment for Solomon and all of Israel. So the “other King” of Israel took this moment to bless the Lord his God.

In our life, there will be times in which the Lord reminds us of our deliverance in which we were in bondage in our own Egypt. We cried out and He heard us. When we were living according to ways of this world, in the lusts of our human cravings, he saved us. We were lost and He chose us to deliver us from that life and bring us into an everlasting life with Him (Eph. 2:1-6). How fitting it would be for us to turn back and bless the Lord our God for taking us residence in our house? Solomon had no choice to bless the Lord. When he saw in the history of his mind all the grace, the goodness, the divine mercy and provisions of the Lord, he was compelled to give credit, honor and glory to the Lord God of his father David for the Great things he had done.