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Who Is God?

…Be Still and Know

The question is Who Is God? As I ponder this question, I realize that this question is just asmuch for me as it is for all of God’s children. You see, while there may be those in the family of God who think,  why is this question being asked, “I know who God is,” why, doesn’t all of God’s children know who He is? While these may be valid questions they haven’t directly answered them. You may be surprised to know that a lot of us don’t truly know Him; It’s like learning our ABC’s, we sang them, we wrote them, (small and big letters) just about all of us had a “common”  knowledge of the alphabets. correct? Let’s say that after singing them, writing them, and recognizing them, etc., we never went any further than that.  Everyone would know that we have a “common” knowledge, but what does that mean to each child? Do I continue to ask, “Mama, want to hear me sing my ABC”s at age 18- yet singing your alphabets. Sure you know them, yes. you can write them, yes, you recognize them. It is not until we come to understand the real purpose for all that singing, writing, andbeing able recognize them- that is using them in sentences.Jesus in Matthew 16, asked his disciples, the same question”Who do people say that the Son of Man is?….They answered Jesus’question with the “common view”-that Jesus was one of the great prophets come back to life,(singing their ABC’s,). Then Jesus makes its personal,”But who do YOU say I am” (making your ABC’s into sentences).They are now at the point to “be still and know Him.”   I trust that you will continue to follow my post -There’s more to come.Thank you. 

Jesus is the answer

Joan Jackson