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God’s Judge and The Victorious Verdict

The Book of Judges describes the dark times after Joshua’s passing where the nation of Israel enters into a repeating cycle of prosperity to rebellion to punishment to repentance and finally to be rescued by a military leader chosen by God, called a Judge. The last verses of the book sum it up this way. In those days, there was no king in Israel and every man did what was right in his own mind. In this message we will look at a see how God reassured his sometimes fearful farmer turned Judge, that the Lord would be with him and mightily work through him to strike down the foreign oppressors. God would ultimately be declared the victorious and receive the His glory as the one true God and King of Israel

Having now dealt with Israel’s idolatry, God sends Gideon to lead Israel a promised victory against the enemy. In this message we will see how Gideon could not totally believe God’s promise of victory. He asked God to prove his call through two test. God performs two miracles using the famed woolen fleece placed outside overnight. Assured that God has sent him, Gideon gathered his 32,000 man army and prepared to go to the Midianite’s camp to deliver Israel from their 7 year oppression.

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