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Sending our love for you in the name of our Lord and Father of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are encourage by you and your prayers and love as demonstrated towards one another. Your efforts of faith in calling one another, texting and sending greetings cards are the things our Lord looks at as evidence of us being found faithful.

As we remain focused and steadfast in the faith, we would like to share a few items of importance with you our members:

In our attempt to be a faithful, we have attempted to provide you with several opportunities of spiritual growth and service.

Let us help by providing you with the tools you will need pertaining to the spiritual warfare we are engaged in. There will always be opposition in war. There will be some direct attempts against our faith and there will be some designed to thwart us by deception. But God has appointed us to be watchful and to prayer that our faith not fail (Lk 22:32).

We also strongly encourage you as members of New Berean, to employ the services of the Deacon Family ministry to assist or aide you if we can. Provide feedback on ways we can keep you connected to the rest of the Berean family and pray, call, and reach out to one another as you can. Our normal is no longer normal so we all are exploring different methods to be a blessing.

Visit Us – We all have been inundated with all the information, misinformation, rumors and other reports as we process through the current pandemic but our responsibility as believers is to be found faithful (I Cor. 4:2). There is enough recklessness being displayed and as part of being a faithful steward, we will provided you with what the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website has specifically relevant to us.  

Pulpit Points is a library collection of messages formatted in Youtube mp4 for both listening and viewing. From the pulpit preaching ministry of Founder and Pastor Leroy E Ricks along with various of preachers, browse these recorded messages and expected to be encouraged, blessed instructed and challenged.

Pulpit Points (Audio Archive) is our library audio collection of messages from the pulpit preaching ministry of Pastor Leroy E Ricks along with various of preachers, browse these recorded messages

Ladies Mid-Week Zoom Bible Study Meeting – Ladies, members and guests are invited to join Sister Joan Jackson every Wednesday to take a walk through the scriptures. These lesson are designed to speak to the needs of our women using biblical principles, the precepts and commandments

Salvation – Man’s greatest need is to have a personal relationship the Lord. We as Believers have been commissioned by the Commissioner, our Lord Jesus the Christ to take the good news the gospel of God’s great love to the world. (Matt. 28:18-20, Acts 1:8) is the commission to his disciples and subsequent followers what to tell, to who to tell and why. This is a basic outline of the things we ourselves ought to be settled in so we may be obedient to the Commission. Preach – Baptize – Disciple to a lost and dying people.

Sunday Devotional is a series of lessons from the International Sunday School curriculum. Each week we feature the upcoming lesson with a brief summary and commentary to help you with a practical understanding of the word of God

“Route 66 – A wonderful journey into a blessed life with Christ”

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