Vigilant Times, Fervent Prayer

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:17b

Isolation, separation and ignorance are not the answers to reducing the risks associated with the COVID and other viruses our world is battling. But vigilance, knowledge of the facts and compliances do help. Let us help you and your family be as safe and conscience of our responsibilities to be the light of this world. The CDC (Center For Disease Controls) has provided us some valuable information for us to us and share (Workplace and Businesses guidelines)

The CDC recommends maintaining safe distances between one another while attending events and other social gatherings. We must recognize and accept that viruses such as the COVID-19 are transmitted through the air from one person to another. If we maintain safe distances no less than three feet, we can help reduce the risks of transmission. Other elements of safe practices like each of us wearing face masks along with distancing further reduce the risks.

Masks and face coverings are another tool we can and are expected to use to help minimize the spread of these viruses to help protect our family and friends. The use of masks is strongly encouraged to be worn by all of us.

Above all, it is imperative we remain vigilant and aware of our own health and the things we need to do to maintain good health. The body we’ve been given are the Lord’s and we are to be found faithful as good stewards with these things entrusted.

  • Know your health condition and take care of your body, God’s body.
  • Monitor changes in your health.
  • Consult your personal care or a competent medical physician when things change or are unexplainably different.
  • If you’ve been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID virus, you should immediately get tested as well.
  • Follow your doctors advice.

Read and know the facts regarding your health, protecting yourself and the health of others near and dear to you. We who are believers are members of the body of Christ (Roms 12:4, Eph. 2:19) have a biblical mandate to care for and be considerate to one another especially those of the “household of faith“. Let us both give and receive consideration in prayer, comfort and supplying the needs of each other. STAY CONNECT and in touch with your church and biologically family.

The CDC and You

Our responsibility and commitment to you comes from the Lord.

  • We, your New Berean family will keep you informed as we are provided with factual information.
  • We, your New Berean family will ensure our facility is safe for small and manageable gatherings and events.
  • We, your New Berean family will remain faithful and committed to “The Commission of Christ” as we ask you to do the same. The Lord expects us to rescue the perishing, comfort the hurting regardless of the circumstances for his glory.