A Tale of Four Preachers

Pulpit Points with DeWayne Cason

In today’s message “A Tale of Four Preachers“, we learn that towards the end of the time of the Judges, God had been silent to Israel for decades. The priests are corrupt. The surrounding countries continued to jeopardize the land’s safety. Even Eli, the high priest and judge of Israel, was not faithfully serving God and the people. Israel needs more than a judge. Israel needs the Word from God. Israel needs a prophet, a Man of God. But who would God choose? Let’s find out in this is a tale of four preachers.

The Message:

  1. An Unusual Group of Preachers 1Sam 2:12-17
  2. An Undisciplined and Unfit Priesthood – 1Sa 2:22-26
  3. An Uncompromising and Upset God – 1Sa 2:27-36, 1Sa 3:11-14
  4. An Upended People – 1Sa 4:1-22

In conclusion, we see that Israel was witness to God’s uncompromising stance. He wants His creation to worship Him in His way from the pew to the pulpit. Perhaps we should take this tale of four preachers as a warning to all who serve God in his Church. Are we like Samuel, or like Hophni and Phinehas or their father Eli? Have we dealt with the sacraments of God with fear and trembling? Have we served Christ in every person over whom we have charge properly? Have we devoted ourselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers? Or has the Church become fat from comforts of finances and praises of men, lax in our duties or become self-serving in our leadership positions. Let us serve our God in such a way that when we serve the flock of God, we do right before God, before His people and before world who watches what we do.

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