Safe Worship Protocol

Update: Information

With our ever-changing world, it is imperative we know what options are available to help keep us and our families safe. We should want to know what we can do to stay healthy at home and at our local assemblies of worship. In light of the more recent changes in our communities, we are providing information to you from the CDC Community, VDH and other medical experts. This “Safe Fellowship Protocol” plan is specific to guests and visitors of the New Berean Baptist Church facility primarily but can be applied elsewhere. Listed below are several initiative measures we want to use to re-emphasize things you should expect when you attend (please use the links for additional information).

We all need and want fellowship. Fellowship is biblical and practical, but we must do it in consideration to our current health environment. We also must be considerate to the health of our sisters and brothers with who we want to fellowship. Maintain safe distancing practices and encourage others to the same while in the facility. Minimize times of close contacts and maximize your distance.

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Frequently wash, clean or sanitize your hands as often as necessary. Being that these viruses are communicable and we touch surfaces, it is important we make sure our hands are clean. Simple safe practices can greatly decrease the risks in spreading viruses. For your connivence we have provided hand sanitizers throughout the facility.

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While inside the facility of New Berean, masks are to be worn at all times. It is founded the use of masks help reduce the risks associated with communicable viruses (mask usage). We have implemented the use of wearing masks and by the grace of God, we have adjusted and minimized these risks. No, it is not as comfortable as it used to be in places of worship, but things have changed, We are always educating ourselves so we can provide a high level of confidence and safety for our guests. The symptoms of COVID can be similar to those of the flu virus. Take very good notice of your health, monitor, and seek medical advice if conditions warrant.

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Staying healthy is always a challenge. But as believers, we are reminded our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 6:19). God expects us to manage his dwelling place faithfully (I Cor. 4:2). So as we apply these biblical principles to our lives take the necessary precautions to monitor and maintain your personal condition. We will continue check body temperatures of our guests. Anyone with a surface body temperature >100 degrees F we’re going to ask you reconsider coming in the facility. To help us be considerate of the health of others around you we are still using our transmitter service.

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Thank you for praying for us and adhering to our plan as it is designed to provide us with a safe worship environment. We want everyone attending our fellowship to be safe and confident as they gather for spiritual encouragement. The Lord reminds to “exhort one another daily as we see the Day approaching (Heb. 10:23-25).

If you have any special concerns, share them with us. Thanks