Commitment and Surrender

MGM Word of the Week – Commitment & Surrender

In our weekly Half-Hour Power of Prayer time, the men openly shared what it takes to live a life of victory.
The first thing shared is commitment. We as men of God are called to a special calling of holiness (I Peter 1:16). In order to be holy as we are called, we have to make a personal “commitment” to holy living. Holy living is simply faithfully obeying God’s holy word, in all areas of our life (I Peter 1:15). We must commit our personal, private and professional life to the Lord. Let him help us manage what we say, where we go and what we do when we get there. The task of doing this has not been left up to us alone. We have been given a helper, the Holy Spirit of God, to empower us, encourage and elevate us to achieve God’s plan of victory in our life.

The second thing shared, was that of surrender. Giving the right of way or yielding to another. We as men are wired or designed by God to lead and guide. Our role before God comes with great responsibility. And sometimes it can be overwhelming. To surrender our role is not an option but to surrender the mindset that we have all the answers, all the resources or all the tools is a must. God wants us to surrender our lives to his will that he may be glorified (I Corinthians 10:31) and those around us will be blessed. The process surrendering to Him brings about victory in our private life, personal life and professional life. It will be an ongoing process lived out by faith on a daily basis.
Commit and surrender to Him today.