New Berean Baptist Church Seeks Senior Pastor


New Berean Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who will be responsible for the church, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach biblical doctrine, and to provide administrative leadership. The Senior Pastor’s responsibilities will include the following five functions of the New Testament church: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and worship. The Senior Pastor will also be a service-oriented individual who genuinely care for the wellbeing of the congregation.


  • Leadership
    • The Senior Pastor shall be the primary teacher of the word of God and oversee the spiritual ministry of the church.   
  • Administration  
    • The Senior Pastor should provide direction and oversight of each and every board and counsel each committee of the church.
  • Ministering
    •  The Senior Pastor shall prepare and deliver sermons, train and lead the deacons in ministry,  oversee worship services, and lead in observance of ordinances such as communion and baptism.
  • Communication
    • The Senior Pastor shall preach and teach the Bible with strong speaking and presentation skills, divinely handling the word of God as truth to communicate the vision of ministry that God gives to him to the congregation.
  • Expectations
    • The Senior Pastor is expected to serve with a servant’s heart, to live an exemplary life as stated in the scripture of Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-13 .
  • Counseling
    • The Senior Pastor may be requested to conduct Biblical counseling services. This role will require the following skills: problem-solving, conflict resolution, and active listening.

Job Type: Full Time or Part Time (Salary to be negotiated)

To Apply:

For immediate consideration, please email your resume to or leave a message for a representative at (757) 483-4821.

About New Berean Baptist Church:

New Berean Baptist Church has celebrated 31 years of Gospel Ministry! We are a church that continues the vision and Commission of Christ to preach to the lost, baptize those who believe and disciple those who chose to follow. Learn more about the church at