Hallelujah Night

Trunk-O-Treat – Why?

Our world has taken just about every aspect and element of our society and corrupted for their own purposes. For us here at New Berean, Hallelujah Night is an opportunity to provide our local community with a safe fun, family environment with an added opportunity “welcome and evangelize all who come”. We have not been called to evangelize the saved but the lost (Luke 19:10). We are taking the approach that the majority of people we come in contact with are in need of the Savior and we are taking this moment in time to share with them Christ, through fun, games and treats.

Evangelize with the Gospel

We do not “celebrate” Halloween or Hallelujah Night. We celebrate the privilege to serve the Lord by reaching up to Him for guidance, wisdom and direction to reach out to those in need. As Christ has sent us into the world on a mission, we will go.

Come on out, we’re excited