Holiday Evangelism in the Marketplace

People are out in the streets, laughing, shopping and gathering for various holiday festivities. As so are we. Let us take this special time to open up and engage others in a conversation about Jesus, who is the real reason for the season.

Life seems to be in such chaos, with all the violence, political unrest and multitude of wars around the world. But that’s not the way it was originally. God’s original design was his human creation interacting with one another, with his animal and earthly creations. All carrying on in harmony and having fellowship with him (Gen 1, 2).

The sin was introduced into the perfect environment through the rebellion and disobedience of Adam and Eve, all of mankind and the earth as it was once known was cast into a downward spiral of continue and destructive direction (Gen. 3, Rom. 5:12). Once God’s design was broken, mankind has attempted to recapture that communion and fellowship with the environment. The problem is and has been the attempt is being done man’s own way and not by God’s divine order (Rom. 1:21-23).

The 3 Circles of Evangelism image, helps us understand how sin broke and disrupted God’s design and how order can be restored. Mankind, broken as we are, has attempted to recover itself through various vices and have created other issues and problems that have made even more chaos and confusion.

The bottom line is God wants us to be restored through repentance, prayer and faithful obedience to the Gospel, the Good News of his love and grace (Titus 2:11-14).

Life on Mission has provided us with some easy tools to help share the faith in God.

Help someone experience the true meaning and richness of Christmas by coming to a restored and saving knowledge of Jesus the Christ

Talking to Our Children About Christ (pdf)
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