Sunday’s Coming and You’re Invited

NEW! The BereanWay Weekly – welcome to The BereanWay Weekly, a weekly devotional to encourage your heart. As we travel and navigate life, we will experience things that will challenge us. But the Lord has chosen Pastor Tony to be the shepherd “according to His heart” to lead, guide, care for and feed the people of God. Be encouraged this week as Pastor Tony shares with us, The BereanWay.

The BereanWay Weekly

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Things you could consider this weekend…

Join us and invite someone to our Sunday service
Let’s fill the jar with people we’ve invited or witnessed to

Sunday is a time of corporate fellowship, service and sharing with the people of God in the great things God is doing. We are looking for and expecting a great time of spiritual encouragement and edification though the preached word of God, harmonic songs sung to his praises and the fellowship of the Saints. God has great plans for us as individuals as well as a collective body of believers this year and we’re extending an invitation to you and your family to “Adventure with God“, “Believe Him for the Impossible“, “Welcome All Who Come“, be “Equipped with the Gospel“. It’s the BereanWay at New Berean!

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Join us Saturday at the Church for our Saturday Walk/Ride “Faith-n-Fitness Ministry”. We are “Believing God for the Impossible, Adventuring with the Lord and Evangelizing with the Gospel, It’s The BEREANWAY!

Consider bringing or inviting your neighborhood youth to our Sunday morning worship and teaching experience. As we build an exciting time of spiritual renewal for our youth, let us help by providing them a place to grow them so they can remember the Lord in the days of their youth.

Consider reviewing the Sunday Devotional, “Renew Your Mind”

Read and Study our Weekly Lesson

Masks are optional but are encouraged for all in-person gatherings and events for the safety of our visitors and guests. (referenced VHD Guidelines).

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Members, friends and guests, as a reminder, your financial gifts and offerings are the lifeblood which keeps our ministry functioning. As a good steward of the Lord, your gifts and offerings are an integral part of helping us share the word of God as we do with the potential to do greater things. Thank you again for your continued support of God’s work.