Mid-Week Bible Study

Marching Through the Gospel of Mark

Current series, A DeWayne Cason declares is going to be a fast-paced adventurous study on the gospel of Jesus as experienced through the first hand account of Mark.

Current Series

Introduction – This new series on the Gospel of Mark by Pastor Cason, begins with the beginning of the gospel Jesus (Mk. 1:1). Along with with Genesis and John, Mark is the only other book in the entire bible that starts with these disclaimers. Genesis begins with Jesus as part of the God-head in the role of Creator at the beginning of time (Gen. 1:1) and John 1:1 begins with Jesus in eternity and the eternal God, the Word. But Mark takes us immediately to the begin of the earthly and public ministry of Jesus. Mark uses the word “and” some 513 times in this gospel account. Along with “straightway” (19 times) and immediately (17 times) he gives us a picture that the public life of Jesus as rollercoaster, fast paced adventure that we would spiritually appreciate. Jesus’ life was nothing short of amazing and in the book, we’re going to experience it as only God would have it.

Mark Chapter 1 – Mark’s gospel marches us immediately into the life and public ministry of Jesus. Chapter 1, we’ll see and learn of these three things;

  • Jesus’ Baptism by John the Baptizer
  • Jesus’ Temptation by Satan in the Wilderness
  • Jesus’ Public Ministry begins in Galilee

Mark Chapter 1 Part II – In this week’s lesson, Pastor Cason continues on into the second half of the chapter 1 where we find:

  • Jesus Casts Out an Unclean Spirit
  • Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-law and Others
  • Jesus and his Disciples Preach in Galilee

Here Jesus pictured in this gospel of Mark as a servant. Jesus left an example for us to follow and a life to live

Associate Pastor DeWayne Cason Mid-Week Bible Study

Mark Chapter 2 – This week’s lesson marches us through the public ministry of Jesus. Jesus faces opposition from the religious leaders when heals a paralytic man and he publically calls out for Levi (Matthew) to follow him. He reminds the religion leaders that he is Lord of the Sabbath after his disciples for picking and eating food from the fields. So let us continue with March Through the Gospel of Mark.

Mark Chapter 3, 4:1-13 – The crowd and the unpardonable sin are discussed this week in our current series of the Gospel of Jesus. Jesus’ account according to Mark takes him from teaching to different crowds, to defending himself from satanic religious leaders to healing the sick. All are with its challenges but our Lord shows us the many facets of his character, his grace and composure. We are admonished to study the life movements of our Savior, who is the “expressed image” of God in the flesh and our example to bring glory to the Lord 🙏. Our study this week is Mark, chapters 3-4.

Mark Chapter 5 and 6 – In the words of Mark, we “immediately” follow Jesus into a series of healings. As the crowds rush him, he is pressed into an opportunity to minister his grace and healing virtue to a man tormented by a legion of demon, a woman with an issue of blood and raising from the dead the young daughter of a man name Jairus. Mark packs a lot of adventure and excitement into these passages and we are left wondering how can the Savior endure such attention.

Mark Chapter 7 and 8 – In our lesson this week, Pastor Cason shares with us Jesus’ encounter with the Scribes and Pharisees and their attitude towards traditions of The Law. We’ll see how he deals with differently from those who genuinely want to know the truth. Jesus takes time to feed the four thousand people who followed him and rebukes his disciples for not believing the authority of God which he executed in from of their eyes. In these two chapters, Mark continues documenting the face-paced experiences of the Servant of as he goes from one experience to the next with grace, and honor as only the son of God would.

Mark Chapter 9 and 10 – Jesus public ministry continues to be on display. This week he helps the disciples recognize him through his transfiguration and the healing of young child who had an evil spirit.

In Chapter 10, Jesus continues his action-pack life by explaining the reason Moses allowed and permitted divorce. Jesus speaks of his resurrection for a third time and settles a dispute between two of his followers who debate our sitting at Jesus right hand in glory. Join us Pastor Cason as we March Through the Gospel of Mark

Mark Chapter 11 and 12 – Join us Wednesday as Associate Pastor DeWayne Cason continues his march through the gospel of Mark. We will follow the public life and ministry of the Lord Jesus who came in the form of a servant (Phil. 2:7). This week’s lesson focuses on Jesus turning over tables in the Temple, and through other parables.

Mark Chapter 13 – In tonight’s lesson, Pastor Cason shares insight into Jesus’ prediction of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. In 70 AD, Jerusalem and the Temple was destroyed by the Roman rule lead by Pompey (Temple Siege).

Jesus also shared with his disciples a time in the future in which the days as they knew it would come to an end, marked by signs (Mark 13). He did not sidestep the coming of the end, but more importantly offered them comfort and hope, that God’s will must be done, he was still the Sovereign and could be trusted.

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1 month ago

Good lesson Pastor Cason

Ann Boone
Ann Boone
1 month ago

Thank you for sharing with passion.

1 month ago

Preach! Bruh Cason. You ain’t got no money (bad english I know) in your belt either? Lol