Biblical Forgiveness – Myth #2

Forgiveness Means You Need to Have Them In Your Life

One of my favorite books of the Bible is the Song of Songs (Songs of Solomon). Chapter 3:1-4, describe the yearning heart of the young woman for her lover…she decided that she would leave her bed and roam the city to go searching for her lover, in all the surrounding areas. The profound statement she utters says it all, “I will search for the one I love.” My point, Christians do not need to have “little foxes” in their life. The little foxes are an example of the kinds of people who bring toxicity in our lives. Those who would keep us in abusive relationships through their vain deceptions. Let us do as the young woman did, seek the Lord with all our heart. He wants us to have positive and praying  people in our lives and He is to be number ONE:

Stay as clear as possible of people who have a negative impact on your life. Forgive and love them (sometimes at a distance).

Biblical Forgiveness: Love your enemies. Pray for them. Ask the Lord to soften their heart and pray for reconciliation and restoration.

Final Take – (Romans 12:18) “ If it is possible,as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” 

Jesus is the Answer