Pulpit Points -Unusual Praise

Unusual Praise – We who are born-again “usually can find a reason to praise the Lord our God. We look typically at the good things God has done in our lives, in the lives of others or the things He delivered us from. WE can call it usual because it flows automatically when we are expecting our so-called break-through or in our attempt to receive that break-through.

But is God’s wisdom, we cannot wait for a break-through to happen because it may not come when we want it too. It may not come at all (Hebrews 11:13) . It is in times like these we have the opportunity to offer up what Dr. Lamont Ricks, calls Unusual Praise.

Unusual Praise is the unscripted expression of honor and glory given to the Lord for who he is and what he is able to do. In today’s message, Dr. Ricks shares with us four encouraging points we should take into consideration regarding this special type of praise. For in times of distress and grief, we can find relief, hope and peace when we willfully offer up Unusual Praise.

  • Unusual Praise Causes A Shift in Our Environment (Acts 16:26-29)
  • Unusual Praise Can Usher Others Into A Right Relationship With God (Acts 16:30-35)
  • Unusual Praise Gives Us Confidence To Stand Up To Those Who Have Violated Our Rights (Acts 16:36-40)
The Anatomy of Praise – Praise is often born out of P-pain we experience, R-regrets we may have, seasons or moments of A-abandonment and I-isolation. It comes from various S-setbacks and unrealized E-expectations