31st Victory Celebration Anniversary Service

Date: Sunday September 27th, 9:30 am

For 31 years, New Berean has been blessed to serve in the Gospel ministry. Under the leadership of our beloved Founder and former Pastor, Leroy E. Ricks, Sr, New Berean has been taught, trained and discipled to be the people of God founded and rooted us in the discipline of “searching the scriptures daily” (Acts 17:11) . It is our tradition that we set aside this special moment for our Victory Celebration 2020 to give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to look back on the experiences of his favor. It is also a time to look and reach forward for those things which are ahead.

This year’s recognitions will obviously be different without Pastor Ricks, but will still be a blessed time of honoring and giving glory to the Lord for the great things he has done through this ministry and the great things He is going to do in the coming years. As we prepare ourselves for the coming year, Philippians 3:13 reminds us of our need to “reach forward to that things which are ahead”.

This year’s guest speaker is the Rev. Kenneth W. Ricks of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

God Will Provide” Video Format

Our guest speaker will be Rev. Kenneth W. Ricks, pictured with Pastor and Sister Vanessa and his wife Cheryl where he spoke at our Couple’s Banquet in 2007

COVID Guidelines Observed at all public services include

  • Body temperature readings prior to entry (<100 F)
  • Facial mask coverings for everyone at all times while inside the building
  • Practicing safe personal distancing (social distancing) of six feet as minimum
  • Open communication regarding any health concerns are important for the safety of everyone attending these gatherings.
  • Seating may be restricted due to these safe health measures
Recognition Service 2020