Servants of Christ – Entrusted With the Past


31 years ago, under the leadership of Leroy E. Ricks, Sr. New Berean Baptist Church was founded. As noted on our website, New Berean Baptist Church was established as a New Testament church on the clear teaching, preaching and practical application of the Word of God. Pastor Ricks’ desire was be used by the Lord to help people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and grow into the role and purpose He has set for them within the body. In the wake of Pastor Ricks passing, as we think of our 31st Anniversary we must continue to seek God’s favor and grace in this work and embrace our call as servants of Christ, entrusted with sharing the knowledge of the past heritage regarding the mysteries of God.

In a letter to the Church at Corinth, the Apostle Paul wrote to a church that was divided. Members were favoring one minister over another.  Paul reminded them that God’s ministers were Servants of Christ, not philosophers who were entrusted with the mysteries of God revealed in the authoritative Word of God.

Our challenge then, is to understand that we as servants not only owe an appreciation of the past sacrifices of those who founded this church, but we also owe to the past our faithfulness to the heritage which has been handed down to us. We are obligated to respect the doctrines of sound Christian teaching which were given to us, but also to guard it and believe it, refusing to compromise the Word of God. We owe it to those who started this church to declare that we still believe the same things they believed.

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